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Satoko Mori

Satoko Mori is a NYC-based pianist, keyboardist and music director from Japan.


She started playing the piano from the age of 3 and went on to learn classical music. 

She graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University in Tokyo and majored in English Literature, which included studying musicals.

She moved to NYC in 2014 and studied under Atsushi TOYA Tokuya.

She studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston in a 12-week program in the summer.

​After she came back to NYC, she studied under Wendy Bobbit Cavett known the music director of  Broadway musicals, such as "MAMMA MIA!" and  "Come From Away"


Currently, she performs at various venues and performance spaces around NYC including theaters, live music venues, bars, schools, churches and hospitals.

Some of her favorite musical credits include “Jesus Christ Superstar”, “West Side Story”, “Into The Woods’, and “Mean Girls."


Satoko is the keyboardist of Walrus, a jam band performing the music of the Beatles. She also performs regularly in cover bands playing the music of Steely Dan, Grateful Dead and more.


Every Sunday, she plays jazz at 449LA in Harlem, from 1pm to 3:30pm.


Off Broadway:

Loop Troupe's "Taking It Too Far" (The Vineyard Theatre)


"Jesus Christ Superstar" (The Secret Theatre / as a band master)

 "Yaki Yim Bamboo" (13th Repatoire Theatre / as an assistant music directore)

"Winter Wonderland" (The Theatre for the New City)

"Loop Troupe's summer shows" (Medicine Show Theatre)


U.S Regional:

"Mean Girls"

"Sound of Music"

"West Side Story"

"Into the Woods"

"Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella"

(Our Lady of Mercy Academy)

Original musicals in NYC:

"The Charm,"(the PIT / Music director)

"A Moon in the Morning,"(Shape Shifter Lab / Music director)

"Martha Cipolla for the President!" (The PIT)

As an accompanist, she has been accompanying various singers at some theatre companies' cabaret shows, such as Double Deckers ProductionsThe World Voice Ensemble and so on.

She often plays the piano for schools musicals and performances, including The Buckley School, Our Lady of Mercy Academy, LREI School, at Queens College in New York.


She has played the piano at other places as well, including a hospital, Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital in Union Square, as a solo performer, and in a church, The Redeemed Christian Church of God in Brooklyn, The Recovery House of Worship as a keyboardist with the house band.

Currently, she plays Comtemporary Christian Music at Faith Above Ministry in Harlem every Sunday 10:30am - 12pm.

Sometimes she performs as a singer too.

Past Performances are on Instagram

Satoko Mori (森 聡子)






2014年、音楽の幅を広げるためニューヨークに渡米し、徳家 淳氏に師事。


その後、ブロードウェイミュージカル「MAMMA MIA!」や「Come From Away」のミュージックディレクター、Wendy Bobbitt Cavettに師事。






Brooklyn Bowl、The Delancey、Garcia's、 Brooklyn Made、PIANOS、Baby's All Right、Knitting Factoryなどで、ライブ活動を行っている(ライブ情報はトップページに)




「Loop Troupe's Taking It To Far (Vineyard theatre)」



「ジーザス・クライスト・スーパースター(The Secret Theatre)」にバンドマスターとして

「Yaki Yim Bamboo (13th repatoire Theatre)」にアシスタントミュージックディレクターとして

「ウィンターワンダーランド2017(Theatre for the New City)」

「Loop Troupe夏の6週間公演(Medicine Show Theatre)」など​


オリジナルミュージカルでは、「The Charm (The PIT)」、「午前の月(Shapeshifter Lab)」、「Martha Cipolla for the President! (The PIT )」など。​

伴奏者としては、シアターカンパニーDouble Decker Productions、The World Voice Ensembleのキャバレーショーなどで様々なシンガーと共演。

NYの中学、高校、The Buckley School、Our Lady of Mercy Academy, LREI school、クイーンズ大学などのミュージカルやサマーキャンプ等でも演奏している。

また、ミュージカルやシアターだけではなく、マウントサイナイベスイズラエル病院、ユニオンスクエアのロビーでソロでピアノ演奏をしたり、ブルックリンの教会、The Redeemed Christian Church of God、The Recovery House of Worshipなどで、キーボーディストとして、礼拝演奏を経験。

現在は毎週日曜、Faith Above Ministory (Harlem)でコンテンポラリークリスチャンミュージックを演奏中。




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